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  • General Questions

I have an old well on my property, what do I do?

  • All unused wells must be properly abandoned.  State law requires that the unused wells must be closed according to specific regulations. Failure to follow these measures can result in pollution of our drinking water, danger to children falling in, and fines from the state and county officials. 

What is Hydro-Fracking?

  Hydro-Fracturing or "Fracking" is the process of using high pressure water to
        break away any obstruction, which may improve water yields.  The process is
        repeated several times by depressurizing the packer and lowering it to a new
        position in the well.

Why do you sometimes use a camera?

     •  We sometimes can use a Down-Hole Camera to view the inside of a well.  This
          allows us to inspect and find problems inside the well.

How much does it cost to drill a well?

  • The cost varies, depending on your location and ease of access.

How much does it cost to install a pump into a well?

  • The cost of a pump installed is dependent on the depth of the well as well as the yield of your well.  One of our qualified technicians can help offer you a base price.

Can a well be drilled deeper?

  •   Yes, provided that our rig can get back to the well. 

Where can I call to get additional information in our state?

  • North Carolina Ground Water Association (NCGWA)

    Elaine Christian, Executive Director

    P.O. Box 41368, Raleigh, NC 27629

    Ph. 919-876-0687 / Fax 919-878-7413


    Additional information: 

Where are you located?   We are located at 351 New Leicester Highway, Asheville, NC.  Our office is located behind the Pizza Hut.

What are your hours?   We are generally in the office by 7:30am until 4:30pm or 5:00pm - Monday - Friday.  Saturdays - 8am until 11:30.  We have a messaging system which is checked often over the week-ends and holidays.

Do you charge for estimates? We offer free estimates

Are there any references I can contact about your work?  After 50 years in business, we have many that you can contact, just call or email and we will be happy to send you a list.  Please don't forget to check with the local BBB. 


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